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Music Taste Matures by Age 35

Gibt's bei euch eine musikalische Midlife Krise?

According to recent research, we begin our experience as music fans following the latest trends, and listening to a lot of what’s on the charts.

During the teenage years, we embrace music at the top of the charts more than at any other time in our lives. As we grow older, our taste in music diverges sharply from the mainstream up to age 25, and a bit less sharply after that.

We’re starting to listen to “our” music, not “the” music.

Music taste reaches maturity at age 35. Around age 42, music taste briefly curves back to the popular charts — a musical midlife crisis and attempt to harken back to our youth, perhaps?

All of this comes from fascinating research by Ajay Kalia, Taste Profiles product owner for taste profiles at Spotify. His graphs including the two below, show how music taste spirals away from the charts with age:

That’s quite a musical journey, from mainstream to maturity. To recap: Taste evolves quickly from 14 to 25, then a bit slower from 25 to 33, after which it flattens out.

We also saw a maturation away from the charts among parents — except they always tend to listen to less mainstream music, and their taste plateaus twice in their mid 20s, and again in their late 20s, before leveling off around age 35. (We defined “having kids” as suddenly starting to listening to children’s music.)

Parents of children, don’t worry! You’re probably missing out on the latest chart-toppers now, but when your kids seize control of the speakers, you’re likely to encounter the hits of tomorrow.

Until recently, it hasn’t been possible to understand (in anonymized aggregate) what people are actually listening to. Sales data showed what people buy, and radio playlists indicated what people listen to when it’s programmed, but only on-demand streaming charts can show what music fans are actually choosing to listen to.

For more information, including another graph showing how men and women differ, see Kalia’s full report.


Samstag, 25. April 2015

The Darkness - Open Fire

Neuster Erguss von The Darkness und ihrem kommenden Album *Last Of Our Kind*. Release ist Ende Mai.

Freitag, 24. April 2015

Lifehouse - Out Of The Wasteland

Die neue Lifehouse Scheibe heisst *Out Of The Wastelands* erscheint am 26. Juni 2015 und beinhaltet zum Beispiel den Song *Hurricane*. Feiner Alternative Rock der Amis Lifehouse.

„Out Of The Wasteland“ fängt den Sound einer Band ein, die eine Wiedergeburt erlebt und jene Freiheit wiederfindet, wie es oftmals nach einer Phase des Wandels und der Regeneration vorkommt. Auch wenn der sanfte Track „Central Park“ oder die Songs „Wish“ und „Hurt This Way“ sich wie eine Weiterführung des letzten Albums anfühlen, zeigt „Out Of The Wastelands“ die gesamte Bandbreite, die Lifehouse im Jahre 2015 ausfüllen. Auf einigen Songs, wie zum Beispiel dem harmonisch-schweren Track „Hourglass“, erfüllte sich Bandleader Jason Wade einen Traum und erarbeitete gemeinsam mit dem legendären Filmscore Komponisten James Newtown Howard üppige Streicher-Arrangements.

„Out Of The Wastelands“ ist das Werk einer Band mit einer beeindruckenden Geschichte. Die in Los Angeles beheimateten Musiker konnten mit ihrer Single „Hanging By A Moment“ einen gigantischen Durchbruch feiern. Der Track von ihrem Debütalbum „No Name Face“ hielt sich satte 20 Wochen in den Top Ten der Singlecharts und gewann den Billboard Award „Hot 100 Single of the Year“. Seit dem veröffentlichten Lifehouse fünf weitere Platten, verkauften weltweit über 15 Millionen Einheiten und hatten Singlehits wie „You and Me“, „First Time“ oder „Whatever it Takes“. Lifehouse sind eine der meistgespielten Bands im amerikanischen Hot AC Senderverbund (über 1,5 Millionen Plays) und auf Pandora (über 1,4 Milliarden Plays).

Das Tracklisting von „Out of the Wastelands” liest sich wie folgt:
1. Hurricane
2. One for the Pain
3. Flight
4. Runaways
5. Firing Squad
6. Wish
7. Stardust
8. Alien
9. Central Park
10. Hurt This Way
11. Yesterday’s Son
12. Hourglass

Und nun noch die Single *Flight* für den ruhigen Einklang ins Weekend.

Donnerstag, 23. April 2015

The Poodles - The Greatest

Hammer. Einmal mehr. The Poodles 4ever and for president. *Devil In Details* heisst der dazugehörige Longplayer.

Live gibt's die Band zweimal in der Schweiz zu sehen und zu hören.
2015-04-23 Eventhalle West Ingolstadt (GER)
2015-04-24 Garage Deluxe München (GER)
2015-04-25 Kreuz Obermarchtal (GER)
2015-04-27 Z7 Pratteln (CH)
2015-04-28 Pacific Rock Paris (FR)
2015-04-29 Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg (GER)
2015-05-01 Rockcafe Kiss Hechingen (GER)
2015-05-02 Hall of fame Wetzikon (CH)
2015-06-05 Mortens Uddevalla (SWE)
2015-06-06 Tingvalla Tomelilla (SWE)
2015-07-24 Rommartravet Borlänge (SWE)
5015-08-08 Stadsfest Kalmar (SWE)
2015-10-15 Rock Cafe St.Pauli Hamburg (GER)
2015-10-16 Bastard Club Osnabruck (GER)
2015-10-17 Turock Essen (GER)
2015-10-18 MTC Cologne (GER)
2015-10-20 Boerderij Zoetermeer (NED)
2015-10-21 De Bosuil Weert (NED)
2015-10-22 De Kreun Kortrijk (BEL)
2015-10-23 Underworld London (GBR)
2015-10-24 La Boule Noire Paris (FRA)
2015-10-25 Halle 101 Speyer (GER)
2015-10-27 Backstage Club Munich (GER)
2015-10-28 Hirsch Nuremberg (GER)
2015-10-29 Magnet Club Berlin (GER)
2015-10-30 Roxy Flensburg (GER)
2015-10-31 High Voltage Copenhagen (DEN)

Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

Foo Fighters - Songs From The Loundry Room (EP)

Have Fun!

00:01 - Alone + Easy Target (Demo)
05:14 - Big Me (Demo) 
07:21 - Kids In America (Cover)
11:00 - Empty Handed 

Spotify is now worth more than the entire US music industry?

One streaming service worth more than all music sales combined.

A month ago, news came that revenue from streaming services had surpassed CD sales for the first time in history. Now, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that after securing $400 million in fresh funding, Spotify is now worth more than the entire US recorded music industry.

The deal pushed the streaming service up to a net value of $8.4 billion, more than double that of its nearest competitor Pandora, which sits at around $3.5 billion. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, the revenue of the entire industry as of 2014 was $6.97 billion, which accounts for physical sales, digital purchases, and yes, streaming.

Streaming income, which includes paid subscriptions and ad earnings, accounted for 27% of the recorded music industry’s $6.97 billion earnings. Yet Spotify, just one company that makes up that percentage, is actually worth more than every single US retail music revenue source combined. Given, Spotify is an international company, but either way the math is fascinating.

Of course, the data is actually comparing two different things, in that one isvalue (Spotify’s 8.4 billion) and the other is revenue (RIAA’s $6.97 billion). The thing is, valuation is determined by an estimate of future profits, but Spotify has never actually turned a profit. Essentially, the report is suggesting that with the way things are trending, the US music industry’s valuation could eventually equal its revenue, with Spotify being more valuable overall.

In the good news column, the 25% increase in streaming revenue more than offset the 8.7% drop in permanent digital download sales. So while the industry as a whole has remained pretty stagnant for the last five years (there was a 0.5% drop from 2013 to 2014), at least it’s not getting much worse.


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