Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Reece-Kronlund - Solid

Da kommt nach der Bangalore Choir Scheibe schon wieder was cooles aus dem Hause Reece auf uns zu. Für mich als David Reece-Fan sowieso eine muss-ich-haben-Scheibe. Vorallem der Song Samurai macht definitiv Lust auf mehr.
Die Veröffentlichung ist am 24. Juni bei AOR Heaven.

REECE-KRONLUND is the new project of singer David Reece (ex Accept, Bangalore Choir) and Swedish guitarist/producer Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Dogface). Their first album “Solid” offers a fine mix of Hard Rock and Melodic Metal and includes a high toned companionship of musician guests playing musically and also co-writing songs on the album, i.e. on 'My Angel Wears White' (Tommy Denander), 'Edge of Heaven' (Andy Susemihl), 'Samurai' (Rikard Quist) 'Could This Be Madness' (Brynn Arens) and 'Animals and Cannibals' (Christian Tolle). The drums are played by Hans in't Zandt.

Tracklist: 1. My Angel Wears White, 2. Samurai, 3. Could This Be Madness, 4. Animals And Cannibals, 5. Remember You, 6. Paint The Mirror Black, 7. I Would, 8. Edge Of Heaven, 9. Magic Puddin', 10. The Dead Shall Walk The Earth

Could This Be Madness
My Angel Wears White
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