Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Seven Days After - Chemical Queen

Seven Days After: Was founded in 2010 after the break up of Victory Records Artist "the Autumn Offering", and frustrated with the state of heavy metal, Matthew and Jesse decided to do something more melodic. They both grew up on Slayer, but also bands like Alice In Chains and Soundgarden were huge favorites. Known for having a great set of pipes, Matthew was exited to really show what he could do. The clean passages of his former bands The Autumn Offering and Hell Within were few and far between. With such aggressive music, Matthew always did what the song called for, which was usually roaring like Godzilla. Now with Seven Days After, he has a platform for his melodic singing. The album is full of great vocal harmonies and passionate singing. Jesse Nunn brings his amazing guitar skills, and massive tone. Jesse isn't shredding like he did on the self titled Autumn Offering record, but showing his haunting, melodic side to his playing. Guitar nerds don't worry, there are some blistering bluesy solo's to be heard. Matthew proved to be a nimble guitarist as well, bringing 15 solid years of fretboard experience with him.

Fusing elements of 90's rock, Heavy Riffs, and Monster hooks Fans of bands like Alice N Chains, Stone Sour, Faith no More, etc will love this new Hard Rock Act.

The bands 1st full length album is due out Summer of 2011 and was produced by logan Mader (Machine Head, Soulfly, Devil Driver, Dommin etc).

Matthew McChesney:Lead Vocals/Guitar
Jesse Saint: Lead Guitar
Adam Teller: Guitar
Jon Toth: Drums
Colby Sixx: Keys

Music video by Atrium Films www.vimeo.com/atriumfilms
Directed by Christian Castro christian.castro@gmail.com


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