Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

Projected - Watch It Burn (Lyric Video)

Wow, da kommt was Tolles auf uns zu. 
Projected feat Sevendust Gitarrist John Connolly, Bassist Vince Hornsby, Alter Bridge/Creed Drummer Scott Phillips und Tremonti/Creed Gitarrist Eric Friedman bringen am 18. September ihren Erstling namens *Human* unter die Leute. Der Song *Watch It Burn* verspricht jedenfalls viel. Und wenn sich die Verzettelung der Bands in unzählige Seitenprojekte und Soloalben in dieser Qualität wiederspiegelt, habe ich nichts dagegen.
Für das Cover lässt die Band ihre Fans arbeiten. Wie das aussehen kann sieht man hier. Es hat wirklich ein paar ganz originelle Varianten dabei.

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"You may know me and Vinny from Sevendust and Scott from Alterbridge and Creed and Eric from Tremonti Project and Creed. The idea behind this project originally started as nothing more than a group of us who were friends already, going into the studio to just record some tunes we had laying around and basically just have a good time with it. No pressure from labels or any pre-conceived notions or expectations. Just making music and having a good time.

This album "Human" is the end result of us working without deadlines or budget or really a budget at all

The drums and rhythm guitars were recorded by Bill Papp, Jacob Crabb and Ryan Denman at Paint it Black studios, Orlando. The vocals and guitar solos, overdubs and bass were tracked by myself and Bill at studio 1119, which is the studio in my home office when its not being used by my wife to pay the bills or my daughter to play Webkins. Editing was done by Jef Moll, Ryan Denman, Jacob Crabb. Programming by Jef Moll, Eric Friedman and myself. String arrangements and mixed by Michael "Elvis" Baskette and Mastered by Ted Jensen. Produced by John Connolly, co-produced by Elvis Baskette.

I've honestly had the time of my life making this record and couldn't have done it without everyone involved."
Official Track Listing

Watch It Burn
So Low
Bring You Back
The Crown
Breaking Me
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