Freitag, 7. September 2012

Become a backer for "Downloadable Album Tees"

Interessante Kickstarter Projekt von meiner fav Seattle Band namens Underride. Könnte auch für andere Bands eine interessante Sache sein.

Underride Homepage


Hi, my name is Jeremy Schulz, Founder and Creator of R-Evolution Downloadable Album Tees… or the DAT!
I’ve been an independent touring musician for the past fifteen years and I know how important it is for bands to sell merch and music for their survival. I’ve invented a way for bands to combine music and merchandise into one single product!
Many fans today want their music on their smartphone or computer.  My Downloadable Album Tee allows bands to stream and download one copy of their album with every band shirt they sell.
It works with any smartphone and any free QR code scanner app.  Just buy your favorite band shirt, hold your phone up to the shirt label and instantly stream or download your favorite band’s music!
The DAT has helped me to become a successful independent artist.  I want nothing more than to help other artists realize their dreams by connecting with fans through music. 
Unlike iTunes and other music sites, 100% of all revenue from R-Evolution music downloads go back to the artists who created it!  Please consider backing me and the launch of the Downloadable Album Tee.
Together we can empower thousands of indie artists to start a revolution by connecting bands to their fans!
Wear It! * Blast It! * Share It!

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