Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Twitter Music App on the way

Coole Sache, die es auszuprobieren gilt, wenn sie denn mal veröffentlicht wird.

Details of new Twitter Music app have leaked after a developer explored the source code of a preview page.
The current homepage for Twitter Music simply says "coming soon," but developer Youssef Sarhan has dug deeper into the page code and reveals several facts about how the new service will work.
He confirmed there will be both a mobile and desktop app, and that it will connects users to music from streaming services Spotify, Soundcloud and Rdio, the music store iTunes, and the video platforms YouTube and Vevo.

You will be able to follow other people who recommend music, and share your own music tips to your own followers. Charts will likely rank popular music by how often they are being shared, though previous reports suggest these charts will break down into both "Popular" and "Emerging" charts to help lesser-known artists get noticed.
Hidden design code for the new app reveals a glossy looking play button, and that users will be able to follow other users in a similar way to how they follow streams of tweets on Twitter's original microblog service.

Users will also be able to tweet from the music app to share their thoughts on current tracks, and artist pages will display biographies.
Twitter Music is starting to sound like an interesting platform to explore and share new music, but there's no sign of when it will officially launch.

Are you interested in trying it out when the app finally launches, or do you prefer a different way of finding new tracks like the weekly UG playlist? Let us know how you discover new music in the comments.

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