Freitag, 12. Juli 2013

Ben Shepherd - Baron Robber

Soundgarden's Ben Shepherd Makes Solo Debut With Raw-Rocking 'Baron Robber'

Bassist (etc.) will drop 'In Deep Owl' August 27 as HBS 

Soundgarden bassist and songwriter Ben Shepherd will release his debut solo album as HBS on August 27. In Deep Owl was written over the past four years and recorded in industrial neighborhoods of Georgetown and Interbay in Seattle and was produced by Dave French, Ben Shepherd, Chad MacMurray, and Nathan Yaccino. The man born Hunter Benedict Shepherd had originally intended for the project to feature only voice and acoustic guitar, but early on the in process he brought in a couple of clutch friends: Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain. Their propulsive presence inspired Shepherd to beef up his sound and the end result can be heard below in "Baron Robber." The song combines the moody hard edge of his more famous band with a rawer psychedelic quality. While Soundgarden's King Animal was cleaned up and classy, HBS' new song feels down and dirty, minimally produced and ready to rock.

Listen to the first song off of the album, “Baron Robber”. Enjoy:

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