Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

Alestorm - Drink

Saufende Piraten auf Metallpfaden. Einfach nur saugut. \m/ Es können eigentlich nur Schotten sein. Der Logplayer erscheint am 1. August und heisst *Sunset On The Golden Age*.

Catchy songs with an abundance of parrots and eye patches showcases the piratical life on the seven seas. A real treasure for pirates and rum-loving landlubbers! Cheers! Captain Christopher Bowes and his crazy crew are sailing through `Bacon Powered Pirate Core´ with sleek keyboard riffs influenced by Folk Metal and classical Power Metal. The winner of the `Best New Pirate Metal Band´ Grammy Award has again completed a brilliant performance in the studio and presents us a skillful follow-up to their third studio album with this new masterpiece. Cast off and Ship AHOY!
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