Mittwoch, 25. März 2015

Metal Pubs / Locations / Venues

Das nenne ich mal ne kuhle Idee. Jeder stand doch schon mal vor der Frage, welche Venues gibt's z.B. in Köln oder Zürich oder anderswo. Wie ich letztes Weekend. Googlen was das Zeugs hält war immer angesagt, um entsprechend zu planen. Jetzt gibt's also abhilfe.

Leider steht die Schweiz noch ganz jungfräulich da. Zeit also einige Locations zu eröffnen. Was meint ihr? differs from all the other metal dedicated websites as each registered user will be able to provide an opinion on the places visited by leaving a review. This will help to maintain an updated database and also gives users the possibility to leave recommendations/opinions on the place just visited.

Adding a new pub/bar to the website is also straightforward and an option available to both the customer and the manger of any of these locals. The manager/owner has the possibility to claim its own dedicated space and add info for the users.

The owners have many future projects in mind and are in the middle of developing a database dedicated to live events to give the possibility to check which band is playing live in a location close to anyone at any given point in time.

As is a new project and something never done before, the owners are asking users to leave their opinions on the metal pubs/bars visited or add a favorite. Registering is very simple and it is possible to do it also through Facebook or Twitter.


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