Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

Trixter - Every Second Counts

Das Warten hat ein Ende und zwar am 5. Juni. Dann nämlich kommt die langersehte neue Trixter Scheibe *Human Era* raus. Kuhler Melodic Rock. Back to the 80's oder so. Ich freue mich so oder eso. ;-)

Pete Loran - lead vocals/rhythm guitar
Steve Brown - lead guitar/harmonica/backing vocals
P.J. Farley - bass/backing vocals
Gus Scott - drums/percussion/backing vocals

“Rockin' To The Edge Of The Night”
“Crash That Party”
“Not Like All The Rest”
“For You”
“Every Second Counts”
“Beats Me Up”
“Good Times Now”
“Midnight In Your Eyes”
“All Night Long”
“Soul Of A Lovin' Man”
“Human Era”
“Always a Victim” (Acoustic version - bonus track iTunes)
“Road of a Thousand Dreams” (Re-recorded version - bonus track iTunes)
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