Samstag, 4. Juli 2015

Mammoth Mammoth - Fuel Injected

Melbourne, Australia-based rockers, Mammoth Mammoth, have released a third video, this time for “Fuel Injected”, the track from their new album, Volume IV - Hammered Again.

Dirty Heavy Rock from Down Under!

A naked, pot-smoking beauty on the cover and song titles like ‘Hammered again’ or ‘High as a kite’ – Mammoth Mammoth definitely won`t turn a good party down! The scruffy Australians deliver the soundtrack mixing dirty hard rock with a healthy dose of stoner: Volume IV – Hammered Again comes roaring down the highway with lotsa fuzz, a raw production and pure force! That`s why this fourpiece is called Mammoth Mammoth – one mammoth ain`t enough for this massive orgy…

Wanna see them live? Coq d'Or Olten on july 16th.

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