Freitag, 28. August 2015

Death Dealer - Break The Silence

Noch mehr Metal geht in kein Album rein. Death Dealer verkörpern das Genre wie es eben sein muss.
Der Zweitling der Band namens *Hallowed Ground* kommt am 2. Oktober auf den Markt und die 13 starken Songs werden noch manchen Headbanger verzücken.

Ross The Boss: Does this legend require an introduction? While with Manowar, Ross not only influenced legions of aspiring musicians, but he was also part of classic albums that have sold more than four million copies worldwide. In addition to releasing two acclaimed albums with the Ross The Boss band, New Metal Leader and Hailstorm, he recently toured with ex-Dictator band mates as a member of Manitoba.
Stu Marshall: The Sydney, Australia guitarist/producer achieved fame as the lead guitarist for Dungeon. He is also the mastermind behind Empires of Eden, which led to his working such metal heroes as Udo, Rob Rock, Mike Dimeo, Steve Grimmett, Zak Stevens and many more.
Mike Davis: Making a name for himself as the ‘go to guy’ in his days with Lizzy Borden, so when the Metal God himself, Rob Halford, put out a call for bassists, producer Roy Z knew Mike was the perfect fit. Known for both his abilities and killer live stage presence, Mike was also Death Dealer’s first and only choice.
Sean Peck: One of metal’s most illustrious voices, Peck recently celebrated his band Cage’s 20th anniversary. Referred to as “The man of a thousand voices,” he has been compared to such names as Halford and Dickinson, and this assemblage of talent allows him to show off every part of his God-given instrument.
Steve Bolognese: Acclaimed metal drumming sensation Steve Bolognese began making waves in the hard rock/heavy metal music scene in 2005, playing with some high profile acts including Beyond the Embrace (Metal Blade Records), Into Eternity (Century Media Records) and Baptized in Blood (Roadrunner Records). Steve quickly became well known for his extreme versatility and technical ability on the drumset. Steve’s relentless touring schedule has taken him across the globe, making him increasingly popular among fans and musicians alike.

  1. “Gunslinger”
  2. “Break The Silence”
  3. “Plan Of Attack”
  4. “Séance”
  5. “Llega El Diablo”
  6. “The Way Of The Gun”
  7. “K.I.L.L.”
  8. “I Am The Revolution”
  9. “Total Devastation”
  10. “The Anthem”
  11. “Corruption Of Blood”
  12. “Skull And Cross Bones”
  13. “U-666”

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