Mittwoch, 9. September 2015

Game -> Metal Hammer: Roadkill

Ooh cool. Metal Hammer bringt mit TeamRock ein Game namens Roadkill raus. Mit unterstützendem Sound einiger namhaften Hammerbands von Nuclear Blast.

 Created by Metal Hammer and TeamRock, with music from Nuclear Blast, Metal Hammer: Roadkill is the action game metalheads around the world have always wanted.

Your task is to slay the beasts with your mighty hammer along to the rhythm of some of the biggest heavy metal bands on Earth including Sabaton, Immortal, Suicide Silence, Exodus and Epica! There are thirteen bands in total to bludgeon your enemies to, so you better start exercising those thumbs!

Metal Hammer: Roadkill hits the Apple App Store on 15th October with an Android version to follow shortly.


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