Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

Fen - Miracle

Heute geht's einmal nicht um harten Rock 'n' Roll, Heavy Metal oder Stoner Rock. Das kanadische Duo Fen spielt melancholische Songs, die direkt aus den tiefen und düsteren Wäldern von Britisch Columbia hinaus- und in deinen Gehörgang hineinkriechen.
Nach der ersten Single *Find That One* aus dem letztjährigen Album *Trails out of Gloom* ist der Song *Miracle* die zweite Auskopplung daraus. Geniesst das Video.

Um was geht's bei der Band?
In January of 1998, in the mountain shadows of Nelson, British Columbia, a creatorship was formed between two recluses. One had long hair, strange tattoos, and rode a motorbike and played guitar. The other was a tall, pale, librarian-type figure, with a voice that as easily terrified as soothed. For more than a decade the pair has been at work, assembling songs of a dark nature, giving refuge to the melancholy, the wanting, and at times, the disturbed. To date four albums have resulted: Surgical Transfusion of Molting Sensory Reflections (2000), Heron Leg (2003), Congenital Fixation (2006), and the Ripple Music released album, Trails out of Gloom (2010).

Find That One:
In Your Arms:
Queen Of The Mountain:

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