Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

Virgin Steele - Perfect Mansions (Mountains of The Sun)

Nach dem Album *Black Light Bacchanalia* im Jahre 2010 gibt es endlich wieder News der New Yorker Band Virgin Steele. Atmosphärisch dichter Sound vom Meister David DeFeis himself. Ein 9-minütiges Rock-Epos. Der Song stammt aus dem Reissue *Age Of Consent* vom letzten November, welcher auch 5 bisher unveröffentlichte Songs auf der 2CD-Digipack aufwies.

David deFeis: "It is not a huge massive-budget production. It is more of a simple home-movie-type experience. It was shot by our longtime friend and engineer Ed Warrin, with one camera in several locations. I then spent several days learning how to edit.
We have come up with something that I believe represents the attitude and the feeling of what the group is all about. It has a strong live energy about it, possibly because it was shot just a few days after we returned from our latest European performances. It is a kind of guide or overture to the VIRGIN STEELE experience, as it has all the various barbaric-romantic elements that you've come to know and expect from us over the years. There is a really nice ambiance about the clip. It captures a very specific mood and moment in time, and shows a nice part of our island where we live. I hope you will enjoy it." 

Anfang 2012 ist die Band in Nordamerika unterwegs. Bin gespannt ob die Tour es auch nach Europa schafft. Wäre uns zu wünschen.

Aktuelles Line-Up
David DeFeis – vocals
Edward Pursino – guitars
Josh Block – bass, guitars
Frank Gilchriest – drums

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Dieser Song stammt aus dem 2010er Album. Fand ich persönlich weniger gut.

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