Freitag, 30. November 2012

Gotthard - Give Me Real

Toll gemachtes Video


What usually requires long days of shooting with countless takes, was created during only one afternoon in Chile. The result: pure emotions! The clip captures the magic between the band and their fans at concerts in an unmatched way. It was shot spontaneously at the beginning of the tour -- during the sound check of the second show with new vocalist Nic Maeder -- and turned out to be the band's fastest clip production ever: The South American director and his team -- all of them huge GOTTHARD fans and therefore more than happy to make their idols a present of the video -- shot it in only one take. Apart from the band members, two famous South American actors, namely 25-year-old Leon Bravo and 24-year-old Paula Pardo, starred in it. "When the director proposed to produce the clip on tour in Chile, we were instantly delighted by the idea", states bassist Marc Lynn. "We were really excited to shoot in South America and to work with a local team. Moreover, the fact that we were on tour and didn't have one or two whole days but only a few hours to lens the whole thing was an interesting challenge for us. We've learned a lot about the locals and their temperamental way of working."
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