Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

Beyond The Labyrinth - Shades Of Blue

Nach den Chapter III Stories im 2011 und dem neuen *Healer* Videoclip aus diesem Frühling kommt nun noch ein wunderschöner Song der belgischen Classig Prog Rocker Beyond The Labyrinth. Enjoy.

Each time Beyond The Labyrinth releases a new video clip, we ask ourselves how we will draw the attention to it...
Artists who are on a label or have a promo agency and enough money-for-attention (through jaunts and payola for the network) will find the way to mainstream attention, but what if you haven't got those possibilities ?

The fun thing about this exercise is : in observing from the sideline, one acquires an insight into how better-known artists play the game..
You have, of course, on a world scale, the ever popular "oops, I forgot my bra/panties", but you can also go for the scandal movies in the style of "drunk celebrity messes it up" just for the sake of promoting your new clip - a proven concept, and we're pretty sure you can come up with some examples - Axl Rose is always an inspiration ....
You can, in true rap style, start dissing a fellow artist or outing a family member as being gay - it can really become ridiculous sometimes...

That's when it dawned : what if we'd just let the music do the talking .... What if we just would say that the new Beyond The Labyrinth song "Shades Of Blue" is a gem that every unbiased music lover should listen to ?

Thanks to :
Vic Ky Christ
Frances De Meulder
Pascal Dave (Camera)
Dara Khounborind (Make Up)
Rudi Coomans (Light)
Katia Stroobands (Production Assistant)
Reinhold Podevijn (Photography)
Magda Meuleman (Photography)
Conny Biebaut (Bedroom location)
Hermanda Alewaters (Sewing and Accessories)
Shot on Location @ 'T Ankertje A/D Dijle - Mechelen - Thanks to Jaak De Prez
Es ist ein Fehler bei diesem Gadget aufgetreten.
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