Dienstag, 24. September 2013

Powered Wig Machine - At the Helm of Hades

Stoner Western Rock N Roll, hell yeah. ;-)

Der Videoclip stammt zu dem Song *At The Helm Of Hades* aus dem kommenden Album *Supa-Collider* von Powered Wig Machine.


The video, filmed in the legendary old western town of Tombstone, Az, is a high flying hat nod to 70's car chases and sci-fi westerns. The storyboard in the video is based off the outline of the unfinished graphic novel written by frontman Wayne Rudell. The video was edited and directed by the aspiring film maker Greg Scott Daniel Rubner. The video's production and casting were done by PWM's bass player Joey Rudell. Nathan Nazeck, with Prodigy Video provided his services as a videographer.
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