Mittwoch, 26. November 2014

Nameless Crime - Crumbling

Am 18. Dezember erscheint die neue Langrille *Stone the Fool* von Nameless Crime aus Napoli in Bella Italia. *Crumbling* ist ein interessanter Song, in den man unbedingt mal reinhören sollte.
Für Freunde von "Opeth, Mastondon, Danzig, Faith No More" wie das Label schreibt.

Nameless Crime are ready to come back with a new album which combining all their influences and projecting their sound in a new chapter. "Stone the Fool", this is the title of the new album,11 tracks and 4 bonus tracks of great melodies, and powerful guitar riff enriched with many musical contaminations developed in a very unique and original sound with addition of classic and ethnic instruments.
The album contains a cover of the famous song 'We Need Protection',from the 80'S band "Picnic At the Withehouse".

Dario Guarino - Vocals,
Maddalena Bellini - Guitars
Raffaele Lanzuise - Bass
Dario Graziano - Piano & Keytrips
Alessandro Romano - Drums

01. Moving Target
02. Hate-Filled life
03. Jesus Square Suicide
04. Crumbling
05. Climb
06. Almost Cold
07. The Big Crunch Theory
08. Weepin' Cloud
09. Dead End
10. Tick
11. Suicidal
CD Bonus Track*
12 .Delusion
13. Self-Doubt
15. We need Protection
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