Mittwoch, 18. März 2015

YouTube for Artists

YouTube Introducing New Tool to Help Aspiring Musicians
YouTube has recently introduced YouTube for Artists, a new tool aiming to help aspiring musicians garner wider audiences.

The video announcing the platform stresses that the internet "gives you your own record label," pointing out that the tool's primary goal is to introduce the artists with ways of properly utilizing what the internet has to offer them.

"Success on YouTube leads to greater overall success as an artist, and on YouTube for Artists you can learn about all the current programs we have to make that happen," the company noted on its Creator Blog.

"That includes getting your YouTube views to lead to charting on Billboard, airtime on SiriusXM and NRJ in France, and free production resources at our YouTube Space locations around the world."

The post continues, "We're also working on a new data tool for artists that will show you where your fans are located at the city level, as well as show the total number of views from your official music videos and fan uploads through Content ID.

"This will help you figure out where to promote your next single to your fans, the best time zone to release your next video or where you might route your next tour. And if you’re at SXSW Music this week, we’ll be hosting YouTube at Coppertank to show a preview of this data tool, as well as having live performances from emerging artists and trailblazing artists on YouTube."

(via ultimate guitar)
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