Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

Take Offense - T.O. Zone

Coming straight out of Chula Vista, Calif., metallic punk outfit Take Offense drop the kind of late '80s-flavored songwriting that wouldn't sound out of place on a Suicidal Tendencies, Excel or D.R.I. album. Yes, this stuff has "West Coast" written all over it. But not the beach bum, palm tree-lined Cali dreams a lot of other acts sing about. Take Offense shine a light on the seedier side of the West Coast dream.

After releasing a handful of demos and EPs, Take Offense released Tables Will Turn, their debut album, late last year via Reaper Records. Building on that momentum, the group recently issued a killer 12" entitled Under the Same Shadow.

Today, Noisecreep is psyched to bring you the exclusive video premiere of "T.O. Zone," our favorite track off Take Offense's EP.

"Filming was a breeze," Take Offense frontman Anthony Herrera tells Noisecreep about the clip. "We got together at night to discuss different ideas for the video and came up with something we could all agree on. Day two, we went out and shot out in the neighborhoods we grew up in so people could get a feel of what Chula Vista is all about. It's a song about being raised amongst a strong group of individuals that paved an unfinished path and how we do our best to continue on that path and spread the values that you pick up on the way, I feel the video portrays all of this perfectly."

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